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 [S]ilentCrusade Guild Advertisement

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PostSubject: [S]ilentCrusade Guild Advertisement   Fri Jun 19, 2015 6:55 am

Hello, Salty here to present my non-GM guild. The technical name of it is "ilentCrusade" because of the 12 character limit, and the emblem is a golden S, so it looks like SilentCrusade, but I box the S since it's not officially part of the guild name. So thus, [S]ilentCrusade was born.

What gave me the idea of the name? A series of medals in the game data based on it (I do not know where they come from, but oh well). There are five medals that use Silent Crusade, and ironically, five guild rankings. I figured it was perfect.

So what is required of you to join? Nothing! We accept any levels, any classes, as long as you are active. However, to rise up in the ranks, there are requirements you must reach. If you have already attained them when you join, then you are automatically granted the correct rank. The ranks are as follows, from highest to lowest:

Master - Captain (Me)
Jr. Master - Commander (Only players I trust will have this rank)
Member - Officer (Achieve 4th Job to reach this rank)
Member - Recruit (Achieve 3rd Job to reach this rank)
Member - Recruit (You start as this)

Why are there two recruit ranks? Because that's how the medals are! I stayed true to the medals.

To get the medals, you must purchase the first one, the bottom Recruit, from me. Then, you can purchase the next rank from me. You cannot purchase a medal of a higher rank than you currently are, and if you upgrade your medal, you must relinquish the current one you have. For example, if you have the second Recruit medal, and you wish to upgrade to the Officer medal, you must give me your Recruit medal, as well as the payment, and you will be given the Officer medal. I will post each medal, the stats they provide, and the price, below.

Medal Stats/Prices:

There is also an optional belt available for purchase, that ties into the guild as well. I will list it below as well.

Belt Stats/Price:
If you have any questions regarding my guild, feel free to send me a PM or whisper me in-game!



Guildmaster of [S]ilentCrusade.
Salty - Level 252 SuperGM (GM Char)
NinjaStarz - Level 142 Night Lord
Aran - Level 150 Aran
Assassin - Level 150 Shadower
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[S]ilentCrusade Guild Advertisement
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